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Generation Zero Intro Audio - Barry A. A. Dillinger
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Generation Zero

Ketchikan, Alaska is a beautiful place blessed by God and burgeoning due to a vibrant tourism and a wonderfully diverse and talented populace who believe in the old edict about helping your fellow man.


However, there are elements that exist here which threaten a life experience free from anti-American sentiment and socialist tendency that currently work to tip the scales in the direction of greed and thought control while stifling humane and truthful interaction with others.

Generation Zero is an attempt to get out the honest and forthright opinions of those who stand for free speech and freedom of thought.  These nefarious elements that attempt to squelch Americanism while bowing to political correctness and leftist ideology wish to shut down opposition to everything they represent.

Whether or not you live in Alaska, you need to wake up and pay attention.  Before your very eyes, this country has been marching toward a cliff over which lies the enslavement of every man, woman and child who are not born into privilege.  If you believe in honest conversation and frank discussion of truth and freedom, begin your journey here.


Back to Square One

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