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By the Same Token...

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

These past few days were rocked by a terrible blight on the American populace, marred by a slew of reports by the mainstream news that a disaster of the worst kind had been visited upon us.

No, it wasn't the devastation of Hurricane Michael, nor was it the news that "dark money" on the conservative side of the aisle had potentially tainted the Kavanaugh nomination process. No, this was much more insidious and dangerous to the already delicate and crumbling American psyche. Two days ago...and I am so sorry to have to repeat this...two days ago, Kanye West visited the White House.

I know, I know...this is a modern American tragedy. And it is precisely the reason why millions of people in this country tune out from the nightly news. Who wants to be comfy in their easy chairs at home on a Thursday night with a lukewarm microwave dinner in their laps as they turn on the television only to be stunned into a state of anxiety-ridden shock by news of this sort?

I will not go through all of the gory details of the coverage of this event, nor am I going to analyze and detail what it was that Mr. West said that gave the mainstream media the vapors and forced them to clutch their pearls in exasperation. If you want a rundown of their reactions to Kanye and his statements, just queue up the Ingraham Angle on Friday night and you'll be caught up on its implications.

Why did this particular situation get under the skin of the progressives to the point of hysteria, when exact duplicates of this situation had not?

In thinking about this event and the uproar it has caused, I began to formulate the thread of a thought about the nature of the indignation on exhibit by the media. Why did this particular situation get under the skin of the progressives to the point of hysteria, when exact duplicates of this situation had not? What was it about Mr. West's visit and his eruption of words and ideas that so mortally wounded them as opposed to identical scenarios in the recent past?

To what am I referring? Case in point: During the 2016 election year frenzy leading up to the debate scheduling between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (as well as that "other guy" who has been completely forgotten by now) the frequency of the debates were curiously set up to be overly kind toward the female candidate. Some even wondered whether Hillary herself had a hand in orchestrating the events to favor her limited availability for debating her opponents; a charge that seemed to bear some weight, considering that she had been limiting her appearances before large crowds for some time due to certain "episodes" of seemingly poor health that was dutifully veiled by her friends in the media.

In the wake of these strangely favorable debate schedules, news began to seep out that suggested that Donna Brazile, the head of the Democratic National Committee, had sent Hillary's staff the debate questions from CNN in advance of the event, in order to give her a heads-up as to what subject matter would be covered during the questioning. Brazile, who had stepped into the DNC chairperson's position following the shameful actions of Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz wherein she, too, had been a pivotal actor in setting up Hillary for success over all other candidates, has the distinct record of being a five-time losing campaign manager for Democratic candidate luminaries such as Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis and Dick Gephardt.

Despite evidence of her tampering with the debates and an admission of this action to Time magazine in an essay, she later denied the actions in her book, Hacks, claiming she didn't remember doing so.

On Don Lemon's CNN Trump-bashing fest, he and his guests denounced Kanye West as a "token Negro" for the president because he dared to speak out against the Democrat Party. The racist display and derision for a man they called mentally unstable was staggering and jaw-dropping. It was yet another shameful example of the Democrats rallying against someone who chose not to espouse their ideology and, instead, speak his mind in open refutation of such philosophy.

Here's my question: If Kanye West was a "token Negro" for Donald Trump, a white man in power, would it not then follow that Donna Brazile, acting on behalf of a white woman, was also one? Logically, if you follow the convoluted (and often insane) chain of thought by the left, one must come to that very conclusion. Donna Brazile, doing the bidding of Hillary Clinton, must also be a "token Negro."

Let's move on to the next example. In the summer of 2016, during the height of the pseudo-investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server scandal, ex-president Bill Clinton, "accidentally" bumped into the very woman in charge of the investigation as head of the Department of Justice, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, at a Phoenix airport, during which he visited with her aboard her private jet on the tarmac where they chatted about "their grandchildren."

Putting aside the fact that Hillary had already been pre-exonerated by the FBI, DOJ and President Obama before a single witness had ever been interviewed, the resulting letter of refusal to refer charges read by then-FBI Director James Comey sealed Hillary's march toward the White House without impediment.

This action by Bill Clinton and the "minstrel show" put on by the Department of Justice and AG Loretta Lynch sets up the obvious follow-up question: Applying the same standard by the progressives for Kanye West, does not this situation make Loretta Lynch a "token Negro" for Bill Clinton, a white man in power?

The obvious answer is, of course it doesn't. The fact that these two women were acting under the beliefs of their party's ideology, as well as being loyal to their affiliation with said party, has nothing to do with ethnicity.

Regardless of whether or not anyone feels that he does not speak for them, the simple fact of the matter is he spoke from the heart.

There is one, glaring difference, however, between the event at the White House with Kanye West and the two examples cited above between the Clintons and both Loretta Lynch and Donna Brazile. For Mr. West, he merely spoke his mind on matters that he felt were important to him and the black community. Regardless of whether or not anyone feels that he does not speak for them, the simple fact of the matter is he spoke from the heart. You need not be a Rhodes scholar or a polished politician to speak to truth.

On the other hand, both Loretta Lynch and Donna Brazile conducted themselves in a way that could, under some circumstances, be considered unethical at the very least, and even criminal at the very worst. Brazile's pandering to her party affiliation may have been a factor in costing Bernie Sanders the nomination (among other things) and Lynch's actions were just plain illegal.

If the left is upset about the West episode and NOT the other two, must we then spell out the real problem here? Kanye West represents a much greater threat to the Democrats than merely unethical behavior or felony law-breaking.

Kanye's visit to the White House represents a mass exodus of the African-American voter rolls based on decency, values, freedom of thought, and an awakening the likes of which has not been seen in this community since the 1960s civil rights movement. The Democrat Party's lust for power and hysterical lunacy because of Kanye's visit has caused a necessary resurgence of the original spirit of this group; one that embodies racism, wealth from the bent backs of the oppressed in the fields, hatred of those who love freedom, and most of all, power.

It's time for the blacks in this country to realize the truth and walk off the plantation en masse to join the underground railroad to independent thought and untapped fortune and blessings.

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