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If Democrats Could Use Time Travel, Would the Assassination of Candidate Trump Be Inevitable?

Imagine for a moment that time travel is possible; not only is it possible, but easily accessible by those with the cash to afford frequent use of the technology.

Many movies, TV shows and books in the past have focused almost solely on the law enforcement aspects of time travel (like Timecop) or the impact of thwarting the assassination of an important historical figure. Some are even focused on the localized life changes of everyday people (like Back to the Future or Quantum Leap).

Most do not focus, however, on political impact. While it may not be a sexy Hollywood concept, Tinseltown does often obsess over all things in the political spectrum, particularly when it comes to envisioning the ambition destruction of Republicans or Right-leaning people. We know how the Hollywood Arrogant feel about the Christian moviegoer in general. Imagine that visceral disgust on a scale so exponentially higher when it comes to what they imagine the evil Republicans to be.

For a moment, think about the terrifying ramifications that would be effected through time travel, where the Left could literally travel back in time to “fix” the electoral mistakes of the voting public.

How would the DNC advance their candidate into the White House if there really was no legal and legitimate way to do so in a free and fair election?

For the purposes of our exercise in hypotheticals, we must look at the facts of the 2016 election in a dispassionate way.

For starters, we must take into account the most glaring and obvious fact that Russia and its Leftist-concocted theoretical interference into our elections never actually occurred. Not only do we know this through a random gut-check of commonsense, but we have the evidence that Russia (with all its chaos-inducing parodic news stories about Hillary Clinton and President Trump) never altered a single American vote one way or another, according to the $35M three-year investigation by Democrats and Robert Mueller.

Secondly, we must also assume a trip back in time to re-witness the 2016 election, that if left to run its natural course, would still result in exactly the same outcome, despite Democratic operatives (tipped off by future visitors) ran advertisements every day on cable news and on front pages of major newspapers everywhere proclaiming Russian influence and election tampering.

With these two facts alone, one must come to the obvious conclusion that the Democrats, facing a stark and depressing reality that Donald John Trump did in fact legitimately out-campaign Hillary Clinton to claim victory over her with an electoral landslide, must act in the most irrational and desperate way.

How would the DNC advance their candidate into the White House if there really was no legal and legitimate way to do so in a free and fair election?

The answer is, they couldn’t.

Think about this: At any time, the Deep State would know exactly where and when Trump was at any given moment.

Rigging election balloting and polling places would be just as impossible for Americans as it was for the Russians. Think about it: even with all the annual meddling of the Democrat Party in local elections by allowing dead people, illegal aliens, and fictional characters to vote, as well as adding convicted felons to do so, they still cannot tilt election results in a way that would be transformative enough on the federal level. A reality check for them would also follow that their obsession with adding 16-year-olds to the voter rolls in every state is still not going to be enough to tip the scales in their direction.

As well, being fully aware that an election-swing of opinion would rely solely on giving Hillary Clinton a boost that would suddenly compel millions of Americans to begin trusting and honoring their candidate AND abandoning their support of a political outsider in the person of Donald Trump, they would be faced with the nearly unsolvable question: How do we reinvent Hillary to be likeable?

This reality would inevitably be scrapped as a matter of fact and the unerring conclusion would be reached that the only way to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 election would be his assassination.

While this is merely an exercise in hypotheticals and theoreticals, is there anyone in the reading audience who would assume for even a moment that the powers-that-be in the Washington DC Swamp Establishmentariat wouldn’t be capable of an attempt on his life?

Not only would time travel make this an inevitable choice by the legion forces aligned against Trump and his supporters possible and probable, it would most likely prove to be ultimately unstoppable. Think about this: At any time, the Deep State would know exactly where and when Trump was at any given moment. Additionally (and perhaps more importantly) they would know who was with the future president. Imagine if Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Corey Lewandowski, Jeff Sessions, Roger Stone, Sean Hannity, Sebastian Gorka, Kellyanne Conway and his entire family were present in one building on one stage at the same time for even five minutes. Would that not be THE prime target for the Left?

The more important question: Would they not take the shot?

Perhaps an unfortunate gas leak in the basement, or a runaway semi, or even a plane inspected by a tainted mechanic who was sympathetic to the Palestinian or Mexican state of affairs?

The fact that these situations are not possible in the real world doesn’t change the fact that millions of Resistance members around the country and, for that matter, around the globe, who read this foray into fantasy are not suddenly relishing the eventual (and rapid) discovery of the technology of time travel.

Think about that for a moment.

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