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Like a Bratty Child Throwing a Tantrum, It’s Time for America to Completely Ignore the Left

It’s not only apparent in the news and popular media, but in the government (both state and federal as well as foreign), the Hollywood deaf and dumb, the Deep State, sinister Globalists and of course, the entire racist Democrat apparatus, that these individuals are throwing one huge “hold-the-breath-‘til-blue-in-the-face” tantrum that is accomplishing nothing but their own chaotic destruction.

Bit by bit, the Left has been engaged in a penning its own suicide note, most of which mimics the wailings of a maniacal apocalyptic soothsayer who predicts the end of the world every other Wednesday.

The latest rumblings that are demonstrating their self-ushered implosion are apparent when the entire Leftist media continues to hail Democrats are angelic truth-seekers while Republicans are held up as the specters of diabolic deception.

The attempt by the Democrats to employ yet another scorched-earth tactic of American destruction through impeachment is proof positive that they are never going to be able to shake this dread and feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness through feeble attempts at usurpation of presidential powers and fiat. To make matters worse, if you thought that this foolishness would end after this week when President Trump has been acquitted of the charges through bipartisan support (there will be between three and seven Democrats who break ranks to vote on the president’s behalf) then think again.

No amount of loss will ever break the Left’s current bout with unmitigated rage toward an electorate as informed and defiant as the current breed of the American public. They are defiant of autocracy, angered by insinuations of their outright stupidity, and completely fed up with the constant drumbeat that they are simultaneously racist, homophobic, misogynistic, degenerate, hateful and violent, while their choice as Leader of the Free World continues to chalk up victory after domestic victory. The national security interests of this country have never been more keenly attuned to the enemies within and we are in a much more stable place internationally (both economically and militarily) than we have been since the 1950s.

President Trump and the American people who shepherded him into office in 2015 won. They continue to send a message to those opposed (and the list is sizeable) that we refuse to back down to a Leftist bloc of autocratic rule simply because the Democrats and their enablers have been relegated to the children’s table when it comes to making decisions on behalf of the United States.

Always remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. On the Left, this has worked for a century.

As such, being sent to the children’s table to squabble and argue amongst themselves has transformed these former leaders into a monstrous hybrid of both unstable mutation and sophomoric unhinged Antifa soldier, completely unable to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. As dangerous as this may be, it’s time to take a different tack when dealing with fanaticism so intense and base that it threatens to throw the country into a Dark Age of its own; a time when mother and daughter, father and son, and friends and family begin blaming each other for the worst ills in society.

The Left will read this and automatically, their minds will jump to the conclusions that we’re insinuating civil war or unrest. My idea is much more economic and possibly effective. Always remember that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. On the Left, this has worked for a century. Whatever grievance or social justice crusade was being heralded in the moment, the media arm of the DNC was there at their beck and call to provide the megaphone for their latest riot-worthy theme. The squeaky wheel always got its craven oil.

The Left needs attention, just as the tantrum-throwing child needs someone to bend down, look them in the eye and assure them that someone is listening and understands the perceived injustice. That is what needs to stop.

The media, the Democrat institution, Hollywood deaf and dumb, arrogant Globalists, Deep State shadow weasels, and the vaunted Independents posing as fence-sitters act like children, but they’re not. They are very clever adults posing as innocents who require attention.

Don’t fall for it. Do not allow them to somehow convince you that you need to attend to their every whim and requirement. Do not allow them to set the tone for what’s right, moral and just. They act like children and use this to lure you to a place of vulnerability. The crocodile tears they shed are designed to pull on your heart strings and make you believe that they need your sympathy and understanding.

The Left has perfected the tantrum. We fall for their antics all the time and that’s what needs to stop.

What do they actually need? What is it that they require in order to exist?

One word: power

They require power in order to continue to insist that you are neither righteous, moral or just. In fact, you are the entire reason that the world as a whole remains in such crisis, they believe. You are the evil that they oppose and wish to eradicate, or at least subjugate and sublimate to reduce your influence, both politically and socially.

Here is the remedy. Ignore these children. When a child throws an unnecessary tantrum, it’s usually due to a number of reasons. They are tired, hungry, bored, or they simply have found that a conditioned response by the parent of giving in and providing them with exactly the thing they demand is possible and probable.

Ignore these children. As a father of five, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that, nine times out of ten, the first three reasons for a tantrum…sleepiness, hunger or boredom…are genuinely easy to solve. I have not raised my children to formulate an opinion on “getting what they want” through tantrums because they don’t receive gifts for bad behavior. Ever.

As a father who can see patterns in human behavior, however, there is a certainty that often times, in today’s society, parents are too easily distracted by the world outside. Work, the internet, sports, hobbies and the like can lead a parent to become lazy. This lackadaisical attitude then allows the child to test out and subsequently perfect the tantrum.

The Left has perfected the tantrum. We fall for their antics all the time and that’s what needs to stop. The constant leveling of accusations toward us is how they bait us into their trap. When they open their mouths and spout colossally stupid and inane charges, our typical automatic response is to argue how colossally stupid and inane the charges are.

The parents are now in charge. And this is reason for the current tantrum.

The Left are the children who have been un-parented for a very long time. They have run roughshod over laws and The US Constitution precisely BECAUSE they had no parent to tell them they couldn’t. When Hunter Biden was caught with both hands in the cookie jar, the American people (through their designated leader, President Trump) asked him why he was sneaking cookies. The Left’s answer was that they weren’t sneaking cookies. “But I just saw you with your hands in the cookie jar!” Their answer: “You can’t prove it.” That’s when the American people look at the hands and see them covered in cookie crumbs. The parents are now in charge. And this is reason for the current tantrum.

Instead of arguing and pointing out the Left’s excuses, what if we decided to simply ignore the tantrum. When a child is sent to a time-out, the number one rule about time-outs is that you never, ever engage with the punished child while they are sitting on that naughty step. If the child gets up and leaves, he should be directed back to the designated time-out spot…without conversation, without engagement. If he begins shouting, screaming, shrieking, or acting out in a bad way, he is to be ignored. As long as he sits in his designated spot, he is throwing a tantrum within the parameters set by the parent. Engagement with the child during this time-out will only prolong the tantrum.

After a while, the child ALWAYS calms himself, becomes reticent, remorseful and saddened. At that time, the child is engaged by the parent and the result is always the same. Apology and a promise not to do it again.

There are dire problems in the world that impact our country. The coronavirus in China that’s quickly becoming a world pandemic is reason enough to stop the raunchy burlesque show in Washington DC. We have the fentanyl crisis, illegal immigration, MS-13, disgusting disease and abysmal human waste problems in California and other big cities, crumbling infrastructure, sex and human trafficking, Antifa uprisings across the country, ISIS recruiting in Minnesota, honor killings in Michigan, female genital mutilation, racism, unregistered handgun violence, felonies being redefined as non-felonies and bail being forfeited, freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion and second amendment violations on a daily basis and millions of girls and boys being murdered by the abortion industry every year for illegal organ and tissue harvesting…

And the Left wants to remove a duly-elected president because of a concocted conversation by a deluded California House Chairman who imagines the Soviet Union monsters at the gates of our borders, waiting to enslave every man, woman and child, when they are themselves having a hard time just manufacturing enough food for their own nation.

Of course, the child will inevitably make the same mistake, but constant and consistent responses of time-outs and non-engagement by the parent eventually make for a very good child who obeys his parents and acts in a more mature and respectful manner.

If we as a people begin to treat these tantrum-throwing Leftists as the children that they truly are, perhaps a long and well-deserved time-out, FREE FROM ENGAGEMENT, will finally help them to realize the potential that they have to work with us and really make America great again…together.

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