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Prepare Yourselves: Election Legal Fight is Nothing But a Ruse

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

An election has been stolen and everyone in the world aside from the very astute and aware Republican voters is perfectly at home with that reality. Our American way of life has been turned upside down and our once-hallowed elections system has been transformed into a circus freak show. “Come see the paralyzingly hypnotic dead as they come to cast their ballots! The charismatic yet deadly Dominion tech team as they tinker under the hood in the Eleventh Hour…and beyond! Watch in horror as the brainless media repeat with incredulity that there’s nothing to see here! And feast your unbelieving eyes on the ascension of the most forgetful man on the planet to the position of Leader of the Free World!”

We have watched this felonious and undeniably corrupt process go about its business unhindered by law enforcement (federal, state or local) unquestioned by a complicit media, and unencumbered by even a drop of remorse for their obvious criminal enterprise, all the while being fed the line that Trump supporters are just as mad as their “Mad King.”

A slew of litigation has been pouring forth from the White House. Between Rudi Giuliani and Jenna Ellis and their band of merry litigants to a straight-laced, straightforward and straight-minded Sidney Powell bent on the destruction of those many groups responsible for this modern-day heist, we’re assured that the evidence is so overwhelming and legion in number that we are on the verge of overturning these false results and restoring honor and honesty to the American elections process!

Why then do I have this very sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this is all just a ruse? I keep asking myself, “What could be the supposed end game of all these confident pronouncements of upcoming wins in the court?” To this, you may ask, “Why would the Trump legal team be so outraged and deadly serious about exposing this corruption if, in the end, they are just merely pretending?”

I scan approximately 600 headlines a day for a job that I take very seriously. In the past many years, I have been quite ahead of the curve when it comes to predicting things. I predicted the Trump election win in 2016 way before his victory that November. I predicted that Mueller would complete his monstrous report and that the president would never fire him, even as ABC Legal Analyst Dan Abrams promised that he would be fired within 100 days (and believe me, he’s gets paid a heck of a lot more than I do). I predicted the riots would continue after the election of either candidate this past November. People chided me and wondered how I could legitimately believe that those who voted for Joe Biden could possibly continue their arson, looting, assaulting citizens and destroying public and private property if he won the presidency. My answer was simple: a Biden victory would merely validate their actions and prove beyond a doubt that the law no longer applied to Leftwing terrorists. Well, it’s been a month since the election and we see no change in Antifa behavior on the horizon.

Why am I rehashing all this? I am attempting to expose what I feel is a terrible injustice to the Trump supporters-slash-Republican voters who showed up at the polls in unprecedented numbers in order to continue the 45th president’s string of achievements. I am trying to ring the alarm bell in order to warn everyone out there that this whole pursuit of overturning this election (no matter how deeply corrupt it has been) is a farce.

I make this prediction with a lot of headline scanning under my belt. I am willing to bet that this legal battle and the flood of accompanying fundraising being ushered to your homes and email addresses… fundraising that is specifically targeting the illegality of the 2020 presidential election…is nothing but a front that is attempting to drive Georgia voters back to the polls for the run-off. I predict that the moment that these two seats have been decided (either Republican, Democrat or split) the entire legal team will be packing it in and going home. I truly believe that the Trump family in the White House has already packed their belongings and are awaiting January 20th for their plane ride home. Unfortunately for us, the supporters of this president, we really don’t have a say in this matter. The Republicans in Congress are scared to death of losing the majority in the Senate. At the same time, they despise Donald Trump and most can’t wait to see him gone. There has been a noticeable absence of people in the party ready and willing to throw down for the president and I’m sure many of them have already privately told the president’s people that it’s lost and they’d best not even try to fight it. However, they are still desperate to keep those Georgia seats in the Senate. This requires the full compliance of Donald Trump.

The Trump family has been outspoken on many matters. Ivanka recently went after the media and their colossally one-sided love affair with Biden. Eric and Don Jr. are also constantly on the attack. Even Rush Limbaugh is consistently talking about keeping the faith. There is one thing, too, that these luminaries all have in common. They are all talking about the same thing, and that is the undeniable significance of keeping these Senate seats. Even Bo Snerdley, the producer/call screener of Limbaugh is in on this push. “We must not allow the Democrats to take these seats! It will be the death of America as we know it!”

Perhaps that’s true. Yet, I continue to have this galling feeling that this effort to raise enormous amounts of money in the final days of the legal fight are merely to squeeze as much blood out of the Trump supporter stone as possible before the Georgia run-off is decided and the legal team calls it quits moments after the ballots have been counted and CNN announces the winners.

There is no denying that Fox News had advance notice of the Dominion fix in this election. I’m the first to admit that this entire Biden victory was baked into the election before any Republican even realized how widespread this fraud would be. I have no doubt that Dominion was bought and paid for by very crooked Democrats and Republicans alike who dreamt about this night where they could hoodwink America, steal an election right out from under our very noses, and humiliate us further by assuring us at the highest levels of the government that this was the most secure election in the history of this country.

That being said, I believe that the powers above us have no confidence in overturning these results and that they will completely disappear from view the moment the Georgia races have been called. All the money that was collected ostensibly for the legal fight will be pooled in the Republican National Committee coffers and squirreled away for a rainy day in the future, no doubt used for a more RNC-agreeable candidate.

Also prepare yourself for the assault on people still defending the truth. Sidney Powell will continue to fight, but look for her to become the ultimate target in this fight for the Senate. I believe that she is a pure-hearted individual who believes exactly what she has alleged, that this election was a complete sham and nearly every level of local and state officials in many, many states (more than just the so-called swing states) were in on the greatest elections steal this country has ever known. Yet the actual Trump legal team will eventually demean her and then magically, quietly fade away as the last calls are made in the Georgia races.

The Trumps will be stoic and continue to be skewered by an unscrupulous, yellow journalism-riddled Fourth Estate and Biden along with his president-in-waiting will limp into the Oval Office, overturn every Trump achievement and edict, and proceed to ruin this economic recovery, most likely using the same tried-and-true Obama excuse that “we really weren’t aware of just how bad” the Trump presidency was, especially when it came to Covid-19. And don’t you worry, because the Pandemicrats will ensure that lockdowns will serve as a fitting punishment for all us “uppity citizens.”

I hope to God I’m wrong. I really do. And I will be the first to say how wrong I was.

But I don’t think I am. There are too many signs that point to a distinct and glaring truth. Now, more than ever, we need to abandon this Republican Party that chooses to ignore its voters, trash the peoples' choice of a candidate, and go on to business as usual after the theft at hand. We are obligated to create a Patriot Party with all the fervor, intellect, and electoral muscle that is inherent in our citizenry in order to combat this disgusting Deep State Swamp that infests OUR party and OUR government. We need to starve these Republicans of their funding once and for all and pump our precious finances into a new party that doesn’t bow to the Paul Ryans, Mitch McConnells, Mitt Romneys, Lindsey Grahams, George Bushes, or Lisa Murkowskis anymore. We don’t want or need a Democrat-Lite party like the modern-day Republicans, who apparently prefer being the latte-fetchers for the Progressives rather than civil superheroes.

We certainly don’t need to pretend that Donald Trump failed when it’s blatantly obvious that he succeeded, beyond any Republican’s wildest dreams.

I’m willing to take a few years of defeats to the Democrats if we can absolutely financially ruin the political fortunes of this corrupt and uncaring RNC who absolutely refuse to fight this most important legal battle. Let’s be honest: without Trump, the Republican Party would not have won any of their contests. Now they have turned on him, spit in our faces, and will – mark my words – completely abandon this legal fight once they have secured a victory in the Georgia Senate races.

We shouldn’t give them the opportunity to take us for granted anymore. We shouldn’t allow them to continue to humiliate us in this shameful way. If the legal fight ends without a damn good row between the Trump team and these corrupt officials in these states directly after the Georgia run-offs, are you willing to finally open your eyes to these unseemly types and abandon those who’ve abandoned us?

The Patriot Party should be the only resounding answer to such betrayal.


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