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Trump Requires No Defense...Only Brass Knuckles

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Today, the Socialist rag known as The Washington Post, owned and operated under the auspices of actual journalism and objective reporting, decided to publish a piece that declared that a growing number of Republicans were “struggling to defend Trump.” It took three Progressive DNC operatives (otherwise known as reporters) to cobble this piece together, presumably because one alone could not begin to think up enough derogatory terms for the president.

Aside from the obvious, that the headline was intended to bring joy to utterly deflated Democrat voters along with a sense of premature defeat to Republican voters, the article fails to explain why it’s necessary for members of the GOP to defend President Trump in the first place.

Perhaps it's the Left's obsession with the concept of "defending" that makes them so ignorant to what's going on with Trump supporters. For decades, Democrats have had their personal bodyguards in the Fake News Media to defend them against any and all disparagement. This is certainly not something new for them. For as long as can be remembered, the mainstream media has fallen upon their Democrat swords so frequently that they might actually be quite immune from the effects of ridicule. The New York Times has literally taken the extreme step of publishing pre-retractable articles purely for the sake of casting just a tiny ray of hope upon their party of choice; articles which can easily be refuted and whose main points of contention always originate from "unnamed" or "anonymous" sources who are nearly always linked to "top administration officials."

Republicans, on the other hand, don't have that built-in mechanism of defense from the same mainstream media that absolutely swoons over Democrat clothing and stature and fawns over their statements and speeches. Republicans have learned to live without it, which ultimately toughened them up and absolutely helped them to suffer a hell of a lot more than any Democrat has had to endure. Perhaps that explains some of the reasons why Trump will simply counterpunch, while someone like Biden will whine repeatedly about how the New York Times is using the wrong columnist to critique his performance.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the president has been defending himself pretty consistently (and brilliantly, if you ask me) since before he was even the nominee. In fact, if it had been up to the Establishmentariat, Trump would have been eliminated from the contest not fifteen minutes following his trip down the escalator. Regardless, the president has had no problem socking it to the Democrats, Republican Never-Trumpers, Fake News Media, the Hollywood Arrogant, the Deep State and the Globalist Cabal since his very first day on the campaign. All during that time, he has never publicly asked for a single kind word from them, knowing all too well that they would never agree to that request. What would be the sense?

Some of the best have gone up against Donald J. Trump and have learned a lesson they will never forget.

In looking over the entire three years of his first term, the one thing you could be assured of is that Donald Trump requires no help from anyone. The president is a big boy and needs no defense by the GOP or anyone else for that matter. If we’ve learned anything over these first three years, it’s that his opponents are the ones who actually require defending. Of course, that is the entire reason for the existence of the Fake News Media today. They are the buffer between the victims in the DNC, GOP, the Deep State, celebrity rubber rooms, and the Globalist brandy and cigar chambers the world over. Truth be told, even the Fake News Media requires defense these days. Unfortunately for them, Silicon Valley tech oligarchs have been paper tigers against the lion that is Donald Trump. His killer instinct is laser-focused and effective and has the backing of the entirety of Deplorable masses.

Some of the best have gone up against Donald J. Trump and have learned a lesson they will never forget. Namely, that when you poke the dragon with the sword, you had better be ready for the barbecue. Hillary Clinton, so assured back in 2016 that she was the automatic winner by virtue of a criminally corrupt Obama administration, Fake News industrial complex, Democratic National Committee and handlers who were ensuring that any of her personal foibles were invisible to public scrutiny, found out the hard way that tangling with a true New Yorker of Trump’s ilk was an exercise in futility. Try as she might, she could not get a single Trump supporter to spit on his Walk of Fame Star or to abandon him at the polls. When the smoke finally cleared after her election night tantrum, she pushed the nuclear option button to initiate Operation Crossfire Hurricane and the rest is political corruption at its worst.

Needless to say, it appears that his next election is all but guaranteed as well, considering that the Democrats’ entire election strategy appears to be…well, nothing really. They’re attempting to convince a very untrusting public that they are going to impeach him. They’re also trying to assure us that even if they cannot impeach him and toss him from office, the entire American populace considers him criminally and mentally insane, worthy of prison in solitary confinement for the remainder of his


There is one thing that the press and the Washington DC Swamp is not talking about and that is the way that one man without any political background whatsoever has managed to forever change the electorate and solidify a powerful Republican/Conservative base behind the idea that the Establishmentariat will no longer hold sway over the American people. The Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol, George Will, Mitt Romney and their own version of a GOP “Squad” throughout the Republican Party are well aware that a massive wave of change has occurred within their ranks and they are in apoplectic disbelief over the seemingly unending force it appears to possess. This force is so beyond their control that they are literally begging the Democrat Party to come up with an answer to Trump’s rotten existence in the form of a decent, winning candidate, or if that isn’t possible (which is so blatantly obvious at this point to the rest of us) to push this impeachment with so much fervor as to be inevitable.

Donald Trump has altered the face of politics and the game of the Swamp’s business-as-usual so much so, that it’s nearly impossible for his opposition (that’s everyone) to finish a condemnation of him without being interrupted by Trump supporters who are willing to jump on a Fake News grenade to save his presidency.

Does anyone really believe that the Republican Party will EVER be able to put forth another RINO candidate for the remainder of this century without a huge fight? Can anyone imagine that another Mitt Romney or a John McCain would ever gain the nomination in our lifetime? After the drubbing given to Jeb Bush, is there any doubt that someone of that caliber wouldn’t be laughed off the debate stage?

The point is that the American people on the Right are so completely fed-up with the Establishmentariat that they will stop at nothing to end that reign of miasma and mediocrity. The GOP has become the party of the Democrat lapdogs, willing to turn over and cede dominance to them whenever the Fake News Media proxies step in to deride the Republicans. Just watch as Romney quickly stumbles over his own feet to find a podium or a reporter’s microphone in order to bash Trump each time Newsweek or CNN has something nasty to say about the president, especially when that criticism happens to fall in line with the neo-Conservative point-of-view.

The question then becomes: Who will be the next logical presidential candidate when Trump has completed his second term?

After all, Trump has been called many things by his opponents (again, that’s everyone) but stately and respectful did not make that list.

Many believe that Vice President Mike Pence would be a natural successor, considering that his moxie on the campaign trail (in addition to the visceral hatred of the man by the Left merely because he accepted Trump’s offer to be his running mate) fell perfectly in synch with the president. There is also the possibility that Ted Cruz would take another shot at the nomination as well due to his ability to swat away the Fake News Media minions like mosquitoes.

In reviewing the videos of Trump’s rallies, it may be that even a Pence or a Cruz would be sorely lacking in the entertainment department, that is, considering that they don’t undergo a complete transformation from stately and respectful to absolutely deplorable. After all, Trump has been called many things by his opponents (again, that’s everyone) but stately and respectful did not make that list. In fact, it could be said that the next candidate that would be able to generate the kind of raw American enthusiasm commanded by Trump would be someone who would be willing to suffer with a huge and genuine smile titles of such incivility and revulsion that we may finally get to see our opposition’s heads quite literally explode.

One can only dream.

The future of the Republican National Committee, too, is then up for debate as well. If, for instance, the RNC decides, “You know what? Screw the donors and all that cash pouring in for BLANK! We’re putting forward John Kasich or Mitt Romney again as our guys!” do you really think that’ll fly? Could the RNC survive that kind of attempted attitude-adjustment on the Republican/Conservative base? The RNC members are really going to have to make a lot of changes in their demeanor toward the new Republican base. They will be forced to accept that perhaps the voters DO know how to win elections. Because clearly, the Republicans do not. It’s still up in the air as to what the RNC stands for when they remain mostly quiet on the subject of impeachment. Sure, there are the Jim Jordans and the Matt Gaetzes out there, but what about the hardcore Establishment guys? What about the RINOs who also depend on matching funds for their campaigns?

The coming decade will be exciting, volatile and without a doubt, controversial. The Republican Party has been altered at the core level from now into the foreseeable future. The Democrat Party is in a state of decay right now that seems to be directly on a course for disastrous and long-standing minority status. That doesn’t mean that they can’t right the ship. Tulsi Gabbard appears to be one of those Democrats that could possibly lead the Left back toward sanity. The things that are not known at this point in time appear to be whether the Right will find another Donald Trump beyond 2024 and, if not, how many of that base will choose to sit home on future election days rather than vote for the milquetoast RINO put forward by the RNC.

And if the RNC pulls a DNC, where bland Establishment candidates are guaranteed the nomination through questionable “super-delegate” schemes, denying the people’s choice, will that then guarantee a Democrat victory in the polls?

And is that what the RNC had in mind all along?

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