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When the Headsman’s Ax Falls, Few Will Be Spared

The House of Representatives, despite voting to make impeachment rules official, has now committed to…well, doing the same thing, if truth be told. The impeachment rules vote in the House that occurred on Halloween a few days ago happened because of pressure by the Republicans that urged Democrats to fess up and admit that they were not actually in the process of impeachment, but rather that they were pretending to be doing something official...even if it wasn’t impeachment.

In March of this year, House Speaker Pelosi went on the record to say that she could not and would not allow impeachment proceedings to go forward if there wasn’t a bipartisan agreement that this impeachment needed to be pursued.

Last week, she threw all that rhetoric out the window and decided that the Democrats were in a very dark and scary place, as far as their hopes for winning the White House, and announced that she was calling for a full floor House vote, not for impeachment proceedings, but for codifying the rules for the inquiry of a possible impeachment, bipartisanship be damned.

If you ask the normal Democrat voter what they believe is happening in Washington right now, they will tell you without hesitation that Donald Trump is being impeached. There is a very serious disconnect between the truth and what is being cast by the Democrats as the truth. The sad reality is that this was the entire goal to begin with, where both the Democrats and the Fake News Media are projecting this faux perception that the president is being impeached. The Democrats need for this to be believed if they have any chance at surviving a complete and total extermination during the upcoming election in 2020. If the Democrats and the Fake News Media are unable to drive home this lie, they know the consequences will be devastating; perhaps even more so than they were in 2016.

And that terrifies them.

The Durham-Barr-Horowitz trifecta of investigations and reports are driving this pretend-impeachment frenzy in an attempt, as previously explained, to effectively dull the impact of the damning findings of the Department of Justice on the Obama administration officials. If they can convince enough Americans that the president is a bigger criminal than the corrupt Obama officials, the eventual release of the DOJ reports will be met with a collective shrug of the shoulders by the American people. You can bet that the Fake News Media, despite even bombshell findings of destructive and horrifyingly un-Constitutional behavior on the part of the Obama administration, that they will do everything in their collective Fourth Estate power to ignore and downplay those crimes.

So, what do we have to look forward to in the process of an actual impeachment proceeding? Once this inquiry circus winds down and the Articles of Impeachment are ready to go, Pelosi will call on the House members to vote. This will be the actual beginning of the impeachment proceeding. The conventional wisdom is that this will occur only after the Articles of Impeachment are created. It’s the belief of this writer that this has already occurred and that the Articles have been crafted in a sort of bizarre template where the Democrat leadership will merely be required to “fill in the blanks” on the forms in order to formalize and finalize the charges. This will be done, as previously noted (Democrats’ Real Impeachment Strategy Unmasked) without a single voice of the Republican Party members having been consulted or heard.

The inquiry that is currently taking place, and the rules for which have only just been codified by the Democrats in the House of Representatives (sans Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, the two who voted with the Republicans) is nothing but a show…a DNC and mainstream media Broadway production meant to cast an illusion that the Democrats and Republicans are behind closed doors, sweating and working oh-so-hard, investigating and trying to get to the bottom of this Trump administration criminal empire’s dirty dealings. This, of course, is nothing but smoke and mirrors, a process by which the DNC and the Fake News Media, in close collusion with the Deep State, hope to erode just enough of the Trump base and the Democrat crossover voters in 2020. If they can manage to peel off even a percentage or two from the eventual slaughter that will be taking place in both the House and the Senate, they can perhaps build on that following the election, hoping to avoid yet another bloodbath in 2022 during the midterms.

Like it or not, the DNC, the Fake News industrial complex, the Deep State, the Establishmentariat, the Hollywood Arrogant, and the Globalist Cabal will not end this attempted coup on the Trump administration even after he trounces them in 2020. Let me remind you that this impeachment fantasy train has been roaring forward since before the 2016 election when Fake News Media anchors and Democrat consultants on television, NPR, and in PSA ads were already asking what it would take to impeach Donald Trump IF he won the election. This impeachment we’re witnessing today has ALWAYS been the plan, from the beginning. Make no mistake, if the Russia-Collusion Hoax had never been concocted by Hillary and Obama, and if Donald Trump had thrown out his phone and never tweeted again after the election, had spoken like Ronald Reagan at his rallies, and modeled his behavior after Mahatma Gandhi, Adam Schiff and the Democrats would today be crafting Articles of Impeachment for his building of the Border Wall, his separation of families at detention centers and his grilling of Sanctuary Cities and States. In other words, there was never NOT going to be an impeachment of this president.

That said, sit back and relax for a moment to consider what net gain this debacle and shameful display has achieved for the forces aligned against President Trump.

1. THE COUP FAILED: They have not been successful at unlawfully usurping the presidency of the United States. That’s a huge one right there. These people, both elected and unelected alike, have been acting like the spoiled wealthy Trust Fund babies trying to push the American people down the stairs, hoping to break their necks, and claim the inheritance; one that was not included in our Last Will and Testament. Then there’s the more pressing issue: We may have fallen down the stairs, but the fall didn’t kill us.

2. OBAMA’S PRESIDENTIAL FAILURES EXPOSED: They had the unmitigated gall after failing in their coup attempt to immediately transition to the confiscation of the roaring Trump economy, claiming it was Obama’s economy. Remember that beauty? So, you had a completely clueless senator from Illinois, who literally spent less than two years in Washington DC and never once put someone in the private sector to work, who was then elected president on promises that he HOPED he could bring CHANGE to America, who then turned around and blamed George W. Bush for his economic failings…FOR EIGHT LONG YEARS! President Obama even famously told a crowd during the waning years of his administration that Americans should just accept that this country was a failed experiment and that our best days were long behind us, and that the Democrats were our last, best hope at managing the decline of the American Dream. Then, after Hillary’s humiliating attempt to proxy-seat a third term for Obama, the former president embarrassed himself and Democrats by claiming that the Trump economy was actually his plan all along! “You’re welcome,” he mocked America in a speech about why the economy was doing so well under Trump. We were to believe that Obama was so completely brilliant as to time this great American economic comeback so that it kicked into overdrive exactly nine years to the day after he was first elected? Laughable, yes. But it served to also reveal just how desperately inept the Democrats appear to be at managing the country economically. It especially served to underscore just how painfully ignorant Barack Hussein Obama was when it came to managing the economy. Taxing and spending? He certainly knew how to tax…that was undeniable. The spending part…well, yes…he was exceptionally good at that, too. It was the act of managing the economy that was elusive at best. And it showed just how incapable he was in being President of the United States. He was great at being Leader of the Free World. Just yesterday, even his wife, Michelle, crowed about how he was still everyone’s favorite president around the world.

3. THE FAKE NEWS UNMASKED: This is, without a doubt, one of the greatest achievements of the Trump presidency. No one can understate the importance of what this president has done through his hand-to-hand combat with these terrorists-of-the-written-word. These tens of thousands of reporters throughout the Fake News industrial complex have banded together in a death squad brigade of shock troops that have one marching order: Destroy America. You may have thought that I was going to say, “destroy Trump,” and at some small level, you may be right. Let’s be honest, though, and remember that the forces involved in this coup are not interested in just removing Trump from office and installing Candidate A, B, or C. They are intent on ensuring that you, as Americans, never EVER get the thought in your head again that you are in charge of this country. When the Founders wrote “We the People,” they saw that at some point in time, we would be dealing with the Deep State and a corrupted Fourth Estate. They knew that the people calling the shots in that distant land called Washington would eventually nab just enough power to do away with the tired, old adage of “We the People.” And they have, for the most part. They could not have done so, however, without the doggedly loyal accomplices in the media. This president has caused their heads to explode in such a way that they have finally pulled off their masks, pointing their fingers in our faces, and screaming in no uncertain terms that “You don’t know who you’re messing with!” Well, we do know. And at long last, they’re not hiding their true alliances.

4. THE DEEP STATE UNEARTHED: Another unwanted consequence was the unearthing of the Deep State, confirming what many already knew to be true. The Deep State has existed for so long without exposure or having to answer to anyone that they became an industry unto themselves. Even elected officials cringed at the possibility of having to answer to these unelected bureaucrats. They frightened the general populace, terrorized those Americans who didn’t know their intentions, nor their loyalties, and intimidated Congressmen and women who had the veracity to question their motives. This has now been at the forefront of the Durham-Barr-Horowitz investigations. Ironically, none of this would ever have been known had it not been for the forced issue of the Russia-Collusion Hoax by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. Had they not overplayed their hand and pushed this onto the American public through the Fake News accomplices, the Deep State would have quite likely remained hidden in the murkiness of the Swamp. Yet, precisely because they couldn’t accept the results of the election, nor could Hillary accept that the American people, both Republicans and Democrats, had rejected her because of her corruption and deceit, this whole thing was shoved to the front pages of every major Fake News outlet, thereby forcing the expulsion of the Deep State from their dark places inside the federal government.

5. BLOODBATH AT THE 2020 POLLS: When all is said and done, all of these will prove to be their undoing at the polls next year. With all this on their plates, the forces aligned against Donald Trump cannot possibly stop and consider for a moment why it is that they keep losing the battles. How can the combined powers of the DNC, the Fake News Media, the Deep State, the Establishmentariat, the Hollywood Arrogant, and the Globalist Cabal continue to fall short in their gladiatorial combat with one man? The answer to that question is very simple, really. They are not considering that Donald Trump, in the scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. Our president is a figurehead, a representation of what it is that these Swamp-dwellers are really fighting. Simply put, they are going up against the greatest fighting force on the planet. No, not the United States military (although that is true in the armed forces context). No, this force is much stronger. They are going up against the American People…the very ones who hold their jobs and their livelihoods in their hands. The taxpayer has had enough and no tower of lies that can be constructed by these forces can be built high enough to be indestructible. In fact, it could be argued that the House of Cards cobbled together by these forces is now so unstable and enfeebled that even a small gust of Durham-Barr-Horowitz winds could be enough to absolutely decimate them. The 2020 elections are looming and as poll after poll will claim that Donald Trump is close to annihilation, by design, the American people will remain quiet and observant, deeply reverent of the process that the forces aligned against us have abandoned. When the time comes to cast those votes, the results will be a resounding rejection of the DNC, the Fake News Media, the Deep State, the Establishmentariat, the Hollywood Arrogant and the Globalist Cabal. They will be sacrificed at the altar of American justice and fairness and integrity. It will not be kind, but brutal and revealing. Democrats will lose the House of Representatives, more seats in the Senate will turn over to the GOP, and the statehouses will find an even greater portion of Republicans elected. 2010 midterms will look like a walk in the park to these forces.

Know that even this will not alter their intentions of stealing the presidency. Know also that none of this matters. When the Durham-Barr-Horowitz hammer falls, the only sound they’ll be hearing will be the slamming of metal doors and the sinister laughing of unfriendly cell inmates.

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