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I've worked for a few different media outlets as a political writer and commentator, all of which were summarily shut down after Facebook decided that it was "fake news" in their effort to clamp down conservative viewpoints.



These media outlets were not fly-by-night organizations.  They were legitimately conceived and used published content as their source for all opinions and reporting.  One of these was associated with a standing senator currently serving in the US Senate and another was associated with a very reputable media personality with a long-running top-rated television show.

When traffic from these media sites reached a level deemed politically dangerous for the people who make decisions over at Facebook, they began to punish the outlets by placing them in "Facebook Jail," a common parlance in use by conservative-leaning editors that encompassed shadow-banning, suppression of visibility of the posts, and even the destruction of said posts without an explanation beyond the menacing "This has been deemed hate speech and is not tolerated."  These actions would, in essence, ruin the money-making capabilities of the media outlets by causing sponsors of such sites to abandon their ads.

I, as well as many thousands of other writers and commentators, was put out of work as a result of this suppression of free speech.  While I get that Facebook and Twitter are private companies and have every right to present only that information that they deem appropriate, I believe that they should be honest and forthright in stating that up front:  "We at Facebook are socialists and will not tolerate opinions that do not fall within the sphere of our political realm."

In an effort to bypass this suppression of free speech, I have decided that I will open up my own site that champions an honest and thoughtful approach to the news of the day and opinions that explore the flipside of the political spectrum, which in my opinion is severely under-represented by design.

It is way past the time to end the monopolizing of free thought and speech and break up the leftist cabal that exists in the ether and works its devious way into all of our lives.

It's long past the time for simple truth.  This new generation deserves to know its past as well as where its headed in the future.

Welcome to Generation Zero

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