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Submission Guidelines

In order to submit a piece to Generation Zero, you must demonstrate a few key skills.  Readers will lose interest in the subject matter if the thrust of the piece is lost in a jumble of thoughts.  Always get to the point and write to the headline.  If you are commenting on current events, ensure that you are providing links to source material, if you are referring to specific information.

Additionally, remember that I will be editing all submitted articles and commentary.  Alteration of sentence structure or vocabulary may be necessary to maintain continuity in the piece.  When you submit your piece, send it by email to the address provided and be prepared for any comments and helpful tips.  I will expect you to rewrite the piece by incorporating the suggestions.  I am not disposed to pay those who contribute to this site; however, that may change in the future, depending upon the growth of the site's visibility.

You will be not be expected to post your materials to social media as the articles will be featured on our GenerationZero pages on Facebook and any others in the future, however it is always welcomed if you decide to self-promote your pieces.

Once the submission is accepted, it will be posted with the author's byline.  If you wish to remain anonymous, that is your decision and will be honored.

At no time will offensive posts or politically correct gibberish be tolerated.  All assertions must be cited and backed up with source material, unless the piece is commentary, editorial, or opinion oriented.  Even then, it's good to have valid reasoning behind your assertions.

If your piece is short or lengthy, that makes no difference.  All articles are welcomed.  You can either write out the piece in email format or submit Word or Open Office documents.  Any other attached types of files will not be opened for security purposes.  All pieces remain the property of the author.

I am very interested in presenting a variety of opinion and reporting and hope that others will be inspired by what we produce.

If you require a taste of the direction of this site, kindly read what has already been posted.

Barry A. A. Dillinger

Site Manager


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