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Ketchikan Newspaper's Dirty Little Secret

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The Ketchikan Daily News isn't a household name in the United States, but for those that live and work on Revillagigedo Island in southeast Alaska, it is the only newspaper that anyone reads on a regular basis. How it has managed to continue to be published since 1934, especially since the turn of the current century, is apparent simply by examining its direct links to the Associated Press and the Washington Post.

You see, the Ketchikan Daily News really doesn't do much publishing of its own news inside the pages of its newspaper because a whopping 90% of the stories are supplied by both the AP and the WaPo. There is precious little reporting by local reporters that makes the grade, but if you're a fan of the behemoth swath of progressive print media, then the Ketchikan Daily News should be your ultimate destination.

Inside its pages are your typical Trump-bashing political cartoons, the conservative-hating opinions of all the usual suspects, and a bevy of leftist subject matter rolled out in a magnificent display for all the progressive posers in the First City community to nod in agreement with as they sip their local coffee blends and talk about L. Ron Hubbard's favorite haunt in town.

Why the Ketchikan Daily News staff seems content to carry water for the Establishmentariat, the DNC, and the rest of the obscenely corrupt and intellectually dishonest media is really the biggest mystery of all.

Each and every article is hand-picked to achieve a certain set of goals: One is the appearance that the entire population of the world (excluding those few hardcore [and unhinged racist] supporters of the president) thinks of the Trump administration as unfit, illegitimate and a danger to the civilized world; two, that the conservative Christian right (or "far-right nationalist extremists") should be disheartened and dismayed, so much so that they are, themselves, self-disenfranchised and, therefore, fail to vote in the upcoming election; and three, shore up the ever-splintering Democrat party as the socialist schism continues to split the party asunder.

Why the Ketchikan Daily News staff seems content to carry water for the Establishmentariat, the DNC, and the rest of the obscenely corrupt and intellectually dishonest media is really the biggest mystery of all. Here is a paper with a storied history that happens to live in the heart of a very special type of town with a little over 8K people and it has signed its soul over to the Devil in order to stay in business by kowtowing to the Fake News Industrial Complex that dominates the rest of the media.

Is there a bit of timidity because there are so many influences that spill over into Alaska from the Left Coast? Perhaps. Is it easier for the folks in charge at the paper to merely agree with the bulk of the progressive calendar of events and opinions than to dig down deep and ask the really tough questions of our elected and unelected representatives? Probably.

So many of the opinions espoused by the paper fall neatly in line with the left's agenda and appear to ignore the vast majority of individuals who dwell in the Last Frontier State who believe that many of our civil servants are dishonest and don't deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to spending our money; because, let's face it: they appear to be morbidly addicted to money, power, and name recognition. And pride goeth before a fall. Even the so-called conservatives that the paper opts to highlight in order to appear as balanced in its opinion pages are rabid Never-Trumpers. Is this how lazy our Fourth Estate has become when tasked with exercising the rigors of Freedom of the Press?

As it is, I'm not that surprised that the Ketchikan Daily News is about as independent from the mainstream media as Iranian influence in Palestinian politics. Most every newspaper in the US is grasped firmly inside the massive scaly fingers of the Times, the Tribunes, and the Posts of America. They all exist as tiny satellite duplicates of their older and more influential siblings. Many Americans aren't even aware that the vaunted AP is a leviathan comprised of many of the very worst leftist news organizations who create the news rather than report it.

It would be awfully surprising, however, if the Ketchikan Daily News broke away from its mainstream media yoke and opted to invest in actual reporters who wish to tell the truth and present the news in an untainted light. It would be a welcomed hour if the staff at Ketchikan's very own newspaper decided to break the bonds of their enslavement and begin the real and honest task of reporting what was important to Ketchikaners instead of what was politically correct in the eyes of the faux-elitist snobs who pretend that they are better than the rest of us.

When is the Ketchikan Daily News going to finally realize that its subscription rates suffer because of its political bent?

ANSWER: Probably about the same time that Hillary Clinton finally admits that she was the one colluding with Russia.

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