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Hey, Kiddies! With Socialism, “ALL THIS” Could be Yours!

The newest poll information on Millennials and Socialism/Communism are in and it looks like the Marxist/Engelsist governing models are the big winners! By a huge, crushing advantage, children and young adults have shown majority adoration and affection for these similar ideas on social engineering and community-style living.

For as many as seventy years, the American education monopoly, made up of Marxist ideals and Engelsist philosophies, has been doggedly telegraphing the messages of hope and change to our nation’s children with a long game in mind: to completely alter the old and tired narrative that Capitalism has been largely successful, beating back every other government model with resounding victories over poverty, crime, social inequality, human rights violations, and propaganda designed to enslave the minds of a free people.

The effort has been in the works in the darkest corners of our education halls and within the shuttered headmasters’ and mistresses’ chambers in institutions across the nation, waxing nostalgic about the days of yesteryear when teachers and school administrators were the unquestioned authorities over American children’s lives. They plotted and concocted new and unique ways to circumvent the parents and keenly attuned lawmakers who viewed these activities as an undermining of the normalized education system they had come to know and respect; one that showed the results of the American way of tutelage as superior to many and in competition to some across the planet, where test scores were viewed as the sign of a system of pedantic achievement unmatched in history.

The times have changed and these efforts by the Progressive education industrial complex have paid off big time. School unionists have elevated striking for higher pay and ever more benefits to a fine art, where the arbitration is nearly always just a formality to the inevitable triumph of school administration needs over the education needs of the children they serve.

The children are now graduating from high school with a major in activism, minors in climate change and gun control, and a regrettable abandonment of even rudimentary literate and mathematical skills. Our young people are dissuaded from the classic novels due to the perceived acceptance of overt racism, misogyny, religiosity, homophobia, and bigotry of white male writers. The libertarian ideals that made this country the forerunner of all other nations in industry, technology, innovation, human rights, and the pursuit of freedom are bitterly opposed. The students are instead directed toward the Alinsky principles of disruption, agitation and foundation upheaval in order to confuse the populace just long enough to effect major changes in social structure.

So, Millennials, you have now graduated from the schools of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and are now entering the harsh world of reality. A new poll suggests that 7 out of 10 of you view Socialism and Communism in a positive, favorable light (for all of you struggling with math out of high school, that’s 70% of your peers). It’s this type of polling that suggests the endeavors of your teachers, professors and school superintendents has been largely successful in making you despise the country of your birth and look to other places in the world as not only superior, but ideologically sound (for all of you struggling with English vocabulary out of college, that means the foundation is strong).

The future is now yours and it’s time you put on your thinking caps and viewed just what prizes are available to you as the new progenitors of future Socialism and Communism! First and foremost, the US Constitution would require major overhaul, as we’re sure you would agree. Let’s look at the Bill of Rights.


You will no longer be required to adhere to religious dogma as established by organized religion (especially that of Christianity). While the First Amendment guarantees that you will be able to practice religion freely, it also disallows the government from dictating to the people which religion you must or must not follow. This will end with the abolition of the current Bill of Rights, which will be necessary if Socialism and Communism are to be able to spread their wings and soar over the nation. Once this takes full effect, you will no longer have to worry about things like religion. Just look at Russia, North Korea, or China if you wish to see governmental purity at its finest. Christianity, as well as many other religions, are outright forbidden and are met with the swiftest of punishment. Look at the Uighur Muslims in China and how they’re being mass imprisoned, their prayer mats and Qurans removed from their households and mosques being shuttered. Ah, the wonder of Authoritarianism.

Let’s not forget that the First Amendment is also one that guarantees the freedom of expression and free speech. This is a huge problem on campuses throughout the United States, as you well know. After all, how many of those rude Conservative students stormed the grounds where you were peaceably minding your own business, studying Ho Chi Min, and began to rip down posters of Che Guevara or Hugo Chavez? How many of these traditionalists sprayed mace in your eyes and kicked you with steel-tipped jackboots, their faces covered with masks so that authorities couldn’t identify them on video? How many of these federalist-minded students decided that you didn’t have the right to speak or express your love and admiration for Socialism and Communism? Under this new government structure, those horrific events would be a thing of the past.

The extinction of freedom of assembly would also disallow anyone who disagreed with the authority of the government from taking to the streets and protesting that which is obviously not heinous enough to rise to the level of outrage. If you’re happy with Socialism and Communism (and of course, you will be) then there would never be a need for assemblies or rallies. Everyone would be more than happy to fall in line with the government talking points of the hour.

Finally, the press would still be free to laud the state of the government and its legislators and bureaucrats. No changes would be necessary. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, Newsweek, Time, NPR, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan and tens of thousands of others would be able to operate without interruption, business as usual. Several outlets, like Fox News Channel, would require minor tuning and adjustment, but for the most part, they would be free to continue with proper oversight. Talk radio would have to be heavily policed. Voices like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levine would be completely silenced. These are the very people who would be agitating for the undermining of our new Socialist and Communist utopia. As well, many of the social media platforms would have to be completely overseen by governmental watchdog groups that would protect you and your bureaucracy from the ravages of unpopular opinions. Internet news sites would also be put through a rigorous litmus test regarding their belief systems and political roles in the global highway of information. Outfits like Breitbart, The Daily Caller, The Washington Free Beacon, and The Daily Wire would also be forced to comply with government oversight or be shut down, as they would also be damaging to the psyche of the new government. Project Veritas, and any other site similar in effort, would disappear completely.


The right to possess arms is as old and tired as it is unnecessary. Our US military forces, as well as our domestic forces in the Coast Guard and the National Guard are the greatest fighting forces on the planet. There would be no need for firearms being owned personally with this thought being fully embraced. With our police under new strict codes of conduct, completely overseen by government committees and federalized in order to exercise the greatest control over the systemic racism that exists inside our law enforcement precincts across this nation, there would no longer be a need for personally owned firearms. Under the new Socialist and Communist government, the United Socialist States of America would deem every single firearm in the nation as an assault weapon, thereby necessitating the call to dispossess citizens from ever owning another gun. Lawmakers would no longer be burdened with the need to write confusing and lengthy gun control measures, as the ability to own firearms in the first place would be abolished. How cool will that be?

As for the hunters (and let’s be honest…they don’t do it to put food on the table when there’s a supermarket on every corner) they will simply have to learn to “hunt for bargains” rather than for living things with faces.


The government will have the ability to protect its citizenry at all costs. This will include the ability to place our fine soldiers inside the homes of Americans if the need arises. You, as a good citizen of the nation, will serve as host to your new military “guests” and will feed and house them for as long as your protection is necessary (as gauged by government oversight committee members). Remember that these soldiers are put there, inside your homes, for your safety. Any protest of this stricture will only draw increased scrutiny on your true loyalties.


As evidenced in the cases of very corrupt individuals like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, friends of people like President Donald Trump have had the luxury of operating outside of the law for much too long. Their continued lawbreaking was a sign that the current system of serving court-sanctioned warrants of specific charges BEFORE any arrests and searches took place proved that the old system was broken and required updates. The new Socialist and Communist system of seizure of property and arrests or searches would not require court-ordered warrants because, as witnessed in recent times, government officials in the FBI, CIA and NSA, among others, already knew the various crimes committed by these individuals. There was no need for due process when the criminality was so blatant and transparent. If you’ve nothing to hide, a search by the government should never concern you.


As stated previously, when the guilty are breaking laws, they need to be punished. Whether or not they protest or claim that they are innocent, police detectives and government officials know just as any judge knows that the criminal will ALWAYS claim they were “set up” by the authorities. This being the case, costly trials, by nature, would become irrelevant, precluded by an assumption of guilt, rather than innocence. If a man is accused and has no viable alibi for such crimes, why waste taxpayer money with a trial that could literally set a guilty man free? And once a man is pronounced guilty, why should “adequate compensation” for seized private property ever be acknowledged or bestowed?


The right to a public and speedy trial is a good cause, but juries tend to "gunk up the works." Remember the days of Donald Trump, where a president could continue to break government laws each and every day, and the public was unable to do a thing to protect themselves from his excesses. These should serve as a warning that although some people have good intentions, they don’t always have the proper state of mind to be fair and impartial. Juries are essentially able to be manipulated, depending upon the celebrity or likeability of the accused. Removing this theater from the accused allows for a truly speedy trial.

As for confronting witnesses against the accused, as seen in the case of the Trump impeachment proceedings, we had a sitting president actually threatening the life of the whistleblower! This was neither challenged, nor was there ever a charge levied against the president for his malfeasance and threats. We can plainly see that if a person is accused of a crime, it is better for the accuser to remain anonymous, tucked away in secrecy and safety than to live under the threat of bodily harm or murder.

Finally, it is the legal profession of attorney that has also created a sense of bravado on the part of lawbreakers. Without an attorney present, many criminals crumble under the withering gaze and questioning of a forthright detective or inquisitor. The attorney profession would only be required in the rare case of legislator crimes or government officials overstepping bounds.


The right to trial by a jury in civil cases would remain the same, unless the case involved government entities. At this time, on a case-by-case basis, the determination would be made as to whether or not a jury would be required.


Criminals properly and legally prosecuted under our new system of laws would not be prohibited from the imposition of “cruel, unusual punishments and fines” because of the nature of what these criminals are imposing on the American public. If a man murders someone and is found guilty, should he not suffer for his crimes against the public at large?

Excessive bails would also not be called into question because the bail system would be non-existent. If you are accused, charged, and imprisoned for a crime, there will be no chance for the jailed individual to roam free in society, having the ability to further injure the civilian population through more criminal activity. It flies in the face of logic to deny that a criminal will re-commit crimes when allowed the freedom of choosing for himself his course of action legally. In other words, if he is released on bail, the chances of recidivism is tenfold, so why take the risk.


This amendment will be considered redundant and therefore, will be redacted. The assurance of rights that are not enumerated is ripe for abuse. The government will not be attempting to remove your rights unless it finds it absolutely imperative. Rights that are not listed in the new US Constitution will be heretofore considered non-rights.


Finally, as with the Ninth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment will be considered redundant and therefore, will be redacted. The assumption that any rights not granted in the new Bill of Rights are therefore inherent is anathema of having a set of laws to begin with and can be considered confusing to the overall concepts of both Socialism and Communism. Any rights not presumed to fall within the first eight amendments should be considered unlawful. If it is not detailed already, new presumptions of law or rights are only presumptions, not legal fact. The people already have the distinguishing characteristic of law-abidance if they know the government will be fair and impartial. Socialist and Communist government structures provide the framework for how you will live your life, as well as with what allowances you will be provided. If you are a good and honest, hard-working citizen, you will be protected and your rights will be eternal.

States will no longer have the ability to lay the groundwork for their own rules and laws. Socialist and Communist construct will ensure that the government at the federal level will have complete control and final determination of any law or regulation in the United States. This will greatly reduce the number of frivolous lawsuits in the nation and free up the courts for more pressing matters, as determined by the bureaucracy. Additionally, there will no longer be a need for state senators or representatives, as the state governments will now comply completely with federal law.


11th Amendment: Foreign nationals would still not retain the right to have judicial power over the US federal government, however the need for the rights of the citizens to sue states under federal law would now be prohibited.

12th Amendment: The procedure of the Electoral College would be abolished. Both the president and the vice-president would be elected by majority vote, completely overseen by the bureaucracy to preclude ballot fraud or criminal activity. Because of extensive federal oversight, no lawsuits against results will be permitted.

13th Amendment: Slavery will not exist in the United States. We reserve the right for other nations, however, to impose slavery on its own populace and this will not dissuade our government from having the ability to freely converse and trade with such nations.

14th Amendment: US citizenship will remain a prioritized right, however new citizenship will be prohibited from foreign countries. Borders will be summarily closed and immigration or emigration will be closely monitored by the bureaucracy. Travel to and from any nation, here in the Americas or abroad, will need prior approval by the Board of Travel. Citizenship will no longer assume the rights of due process or equal protection if the citizen has been accused and convicted of a crime.

15th Amendment: Citizens’ right to vote will not be denied, unless the person has served prison time or has raised certain public concern or issues about the federal government. Should a person raise such concerns, their right to vote in future elections may be forfeit or permanently removed.

16th Amendment: The right of the federal government to collect taxes will fall now completely on the bureaucracy. The states no longer have the ability to collect taxes, as this will be apportioned to them by the federal government. 100% of income earned by the citizen will be turned over to the bureaucracy and every citizen will have a right to a home, food rations, medicine, employment, and basic needs, education and utilities. No person shall earn income without reporting it to the federal government, lest he be prosecuted for such crimes.

Levies on households and companies will preclude the need for certain luxuries. Automobiles, computers, televisions, etc., will be commodities that must be signed up for during the sign-up periods. Once your number is chosen, you will be granted a vehicle, computer, television, etc. Depending upon your household size will depend upon the amount of rations and/or authorized luxuries that you will be receiving.

17th Amendment: Remains unchanged. Senators will be elected by the people as they are currently.

19th Amendment: Remains unchanged. Citizens’ right to vote shall not be denied on the basis of their gender or sex, unless they are convicted of a crime.

20th Amendment: Terms for the offices of the president and vice-president are no longer term-limited. Senators and Representatives remain unchanged.

22nd Amendment: Presidential term limits are now rendered irrelevant with the changes to the 20th Amendment.

23rd Amendment: Remains unchanged. Representation of the District of Columbia in presidential elections is allowed.

24th Amendment: Remains unchanged. Polling place taxes or any other tax will not be levied for the right to vote. Any income will be 100% granted in taxes to the federal government, by which will prohibit any other taxes from being levied against the citizen.

25th Amendment: Remains unchanged. Vice President will become the President in the case that the President is removed from office or in the case of his/her death.

26th Amendment: Citizens 21 years and above will now be allowed to vote and neither states nor the federal government can deny that, granted that the citizen has not been tried and convicted of a crime. In such cases, the bureaucracy will determine who can and cannot vote. The age of 18 years and above has been altered to 21.

27th Amendment: The increases of Congressional pay will be put into effect immediately upon a proper vote in chambers by simple majority. No decreases will be permitted unless by a vote of three-quarters of the chamber is established and only after said vote has been overseen by the bureaucratic watchdog.

This is your new Socialist and Communist government, Millennials. I hope you are happy with the results. And, quite frankly, even if you’re not, it really doesn’t matter.

To paraphrase J.D. Heyes: “You can vote your way into Socialism, but you’re going to have to shoot your way out.”

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