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Obama’s Will Go Down as the Most Corrupt Administration in US History


Richard Milhous Nixon has nothing on Barack Hussein Obama. For all his missteps, the 37th president resided over one of the most impressive presidencies, policy wise, which propelled him into the national spotlight on foreign affairs like no other in decades. In fact, his work with both the Soviet and Chinese governments, as well as his withdrawal of troops from Vietnam and ending that extremely unpopular war, were instrumental in cementing his legacy as a regular dove on national security who was at once a great supporter of the military, but also carried that big stick without its constant utilization.

In his youth, he attended Whittier College, where his debating skills were recognized and lauded. After being elected student body president and graduating in 1934, he went on to study law at Duke University, becoming head of the student bar association, graduating in the top of his class and earning his degree in 1937. In 1940, he married Thelma Catherine “Pat” Ryan. A year later, Nixon would join the US Navy, serving as an operations officer in the Pacific theater.

In 1946, after returning to the United States from his participation in World War II, Nixon launched his political career by defeating a 5-term Democratic incumbent who represented his California district in the US House of Representatives. He served on the House Un-American Activities Committee and rose to national prominence by leading an investigation into the spying of former State Department official, Alger Hiss, who was accused of working with the Soviet Union.

Only a few months after accepting the nomination, Nixon, like so many Republicans throughout the history of this nation, became the target of a negative campaign led by Democrats in Washington, as well as the daily news cycle in both print and on television.

Nixon served two terms as US Representative and two years later, in 1950, won a seat in the US Senate. In 1952, General Dwight D. Eisenhower selected Nixon as his vice presidential running mate. Only a few months after accepting the nomination, Nixon, like so many Republicans throughout the history of this nation, became the target of a negative campaign led by Democrats in Washington, as well as the daily news cycle in both print and on television. The scandal that was being lobbed at the 39-year-old first-term senator was one that raised questions about money and gifts he allegedly received from industry lobbyists. In a very famous retort, Nixon claimed that the only gift he ever accepted was on behalf of his young daughter, Tricia: a puppy named Checkers. The speech with this answer preserved Nixon’s spot on the Eisenhower ticket and helped propel them to the White House in 1952, by defeating Adlai E. Stevenson and John Sparkman with an Electoral landslide of 442 to 89. This attempt at a scandal by both the DNC and the press, a dark contractual agreement already in the making, was what led directly to Nixon voluntarily releasing all his family assets and tax records, thus being used in subsequent presidential politics as the ongoing precedent.

After reelection in 1956, Nixon continued to build on his achievements. Between 1955-’57, the president suffered a series of illnesses, including a heart attack, ileitis (inflammation of the bowels) and a stroke. During this time, Nixon was called on to chair several Cabinet sessions, as well as sit in on National Security Council meetings.

In 1960, Nixon claimed the Republican presidential nomination and went on to match up against the US Senator from Massachusetts John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The mainstream press had it in for the Republican nominee almost before he had even announced. The coverage of Nixon was brutal, while Kennedy got the absolute royal treatment. Many in the media, just as today, were former Democrat staffers or operatives and made sure to pour on the honey in nearly every piece. In the second closest election results in the history of the country, Nixon lost the contest by less than 120,000 votes.

The news for the Republican Party was devastating. As reports began to crop up in many districts throughout Illinois and Texas, many on the Right began to suspect a systemic corrupted electoral operation headed by the Democratic candidate’s extremely wealthy father who had multiple and ironclad political contacts in these regions.

After citing irregularities in both Illinois and Texas, many observers questioned whether Kennedy had legally won those states, and some prominent Republicans, including President Eisenhower, urged Nixon to contest the results. The news media was in full cover-up mode at the time while many questions began to be raised regarding certain districts within Kennedy family influence. However, in a stunning speech, Nixon chose not to contest the results, stating: “I could think of no worse example for nations abroad, who for the first time were trying to put free electoral procedures into effect, than that of the United States wrangling over the results of our presidential election, and even suggesting that the presidency itself could be stolen by thievery at the ballot box.”

This decision by Nixon was viewed by allies as a very poor one but was just what the mainstream press and the Democrats had wanted to hear and they immediately and overzealously praised him for having a dignity and integrity not witnessed in modern-day politics to just accept the results. That admiration, however, did not extend to his years in the White House of course.

Many historians and political scholars today strongly believe that these actions were what directly led to the effort by the Deep State of the United States federal government to begin its effort to take down the Nixon administration.

Nixon returned home to California, practicing law. He launched a new campaign for governor in 1962, losing that election in a close contest as well. A defeated Nixon told reporters at the time, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.”

Six years had altered this young man, though, and Nixon ended up making a remarkable political comeback, once again claiming the Republican presidential nomination. He defeated Democrat Hubert Humphrey and third-party candidate George Wallace (the former Democrat governor who had been a looming advocate of blocking the civil rights movement for African-Americans, having to be removed by the National Guard after blocking these students from entering an all-white school).

Nixon assumed office during a time where the American public was bitterly divided over the very unpopular Vietnam War (1954-1975). The feminist movement was in its fledgling form and racial violence rocked the nation’s cities.

Keeping his campaign promise to achieve “peace with honor” in Vietnam, Nixon called for the gradual withdrawal of American troops from the war-torn areas and training the South Vietnamese armed forces to take over their own defense. In January of 1973, Nixon’s administration reached a peace agreement with Communist North Vietnam. The last American combat troops left Vietnam in March of that year.

Nixon went on to make historic visits in 1972 to both China and the Soviet Union. Through these talks, he helped reduce the tensions between the nations that were ramped up during both the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Nixon established formal diplomatic relations and also signed important treaties to limit the production of nuclear weapons. Many historians and political scholars today strongly believe that these actions were what directly led to the effort by the Deep State of the United States federal government to begin its effort to take down the Nixon administration.

During these months of relative peace and prosperity, the Nixon tax cuts working brilliantly to help ease some of the financial worries of the American working family, the American press and the Democratic National Committee began a focused effort that sought to create a national scandal that would eventually lead to the destruction of Nixon’s presidency. The national press corps was brutal during this time of peace in the nation. Nixon endured headline after headline, calling his administration everything from incompetent to lackadaisical. Completely and thoroughly frustrated at the one-sidedness of the mainstream media decided to boycott them by disallowing certain reporters or papers from covering his events. He compiled a list of news agencies that was used by his administration officials in order to avoid doing interviews or answering inquiries. Often, small quotes by administration officials were taken out of context or misquoted (some say, on purpose) only to be retracted at a later time, after the damage had already been done.

While Nixon was running for reelection in 1972, operatives associated with his campaign broke into the headquarters of the DNC at the Watergate complex in Washington, DC. Two members of the administration had knowledge of the burglary, but Nixon denied any involvement. As the press leapt upon this scandal, two reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein engaged with members of the Deep State inside the federal government and were leaked information from inside the Oval Office on a weekly basis. Woodward and Bernstein claimed that the information was given to them by anonymous officials without pursuing the documentation, but this was later doubted by many who viewed the reporters as active participants in the attempted destruction of Nixon’s presidency.

At this same point in time, a Watergate Commission that had been cobbled together by the Democrats in Congress hired a small-time attorney who impressed them with legal skills. As the subject came up, this attorney floated a suggestion that President Nixon be disallowed attorney representation, and that he should not be allowed to cross-examine the witnesses against him. Additionally, this 27-year-old lawyer wanted the Judiciary Committee to have no hand in crafting the Articles of Impeachment for fear that they would not be adequate to convict the president. The general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee was Jerry Zeifman. The lawyer who was floating all these possible actions was none other than Hillary Rodham-Clinton. Zeifman, after reading the brief submitted by the future First Lady, determined that not only was the brief misleading, but that it deliberately left out information that would have destroyed her argument. He even alluded that she removed all contraindicative evidence to her brief from public view, keeping the files in her office, so that her assessments could not be challenged. After firing her from the committee, Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, called Clinton a "liar" and "an unethical, dishonest lawyer."

The prospects of impeachment by Congress, however, finally caused Nixon to seek a resignation from office on August 9, 1974. He was replaced by Vice President Gerald Ford, who pardoned Nixon for any wrongdoing a month later. Two administration officials were eventually convicted in the Watergate affair, having served time and who today lecture on the state of bias that exists in the cooperative agreement between the Democrat Party and the American media.


In stark contrast to the minimal crime afforded to two Nixon administration officials, the Obama administration was a cornucopia of corruption and Chicago-style thuggery. Nowhere in the eight years of his two terms in office is there a moment where Americans can assertively name the successes of his presidency.

From the very beginning of his ascension through the ranks of the Democrat Party, Barack Hussein Obama appears to be shrouded in mystery. To this day, his early education records are completely sealed and unable to be viewed by the public, contrary to many on the Left who say the opposite. His earliest recollections of even his own grandparents on his mother’s side are starkly different from ones of respect and honor. Rather, Obama commented in one of his books that his own grandmother was a racist, clutching close her handbag as she walked by a black man.

These efforts to paint himself as a well-rounded, well-traveled young man of knowledge and transparency, however, were hiding much of his influences as a youngster. His mother had gone off to university where she was radicalized by the Marxist university academic systems. After meeting his father who was here in the states on a visa from Kenya, she wanted to marry him against the wishes of her parents. She proceeded to marry him anyway before he moved back to his homeland, leaving Obama’s mother to fend for herself while pregnant.

To much fanfare, after less than two years as a US Senator (January 2005 to January 2007) he announced his candidacy for the President of the United States.

Obama later visited with his father in Kenya but was very much treated like a burden more so than a child and after returning to the US, traveled with his mother to Indonesia. Here, he was adopted by his new father, a Muslim, who later abandoned Marxism as his guiding principal, setting into motion a very quiet divorce. Obama’s mother could not abide a man who seemed to be okay with capitalism. After returning to the US, Obama went off to college where he became enamored of the very same Marxism that his mother so adored and admired. His early college influences included Communist radicals who not only advocated for the destruction of the United States, but some who literally participated in terroristic activity with groups such as the Weather Underground, killing both innocents and police officers.

Obama used his law degree to assist corrupt agencies like ACORN in avoiding federal restrictions and lawsuits, while drawing closer to their “community organizing” operations after the manner of Saul Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. As he climbed the rungs of the Progressive ladder in society, driving the residents in Chicago into a frenzy over racial injustice and police brutality, he was noticed by the Democrat Party and taken under the wings of some of Illinois’ most prominent agitators, eventually securing a Senate seat.

Regardless, Obama then went on to defeat RINO and very weak candidate John McCain for the presidency, after McCain refused to stand up for either himself, his VP pick, Sarah Palin, the Republican Party, or the American people.

To much fanfare, after less than two years as a US Senator (January 2005 to January 2007) he announced his candidacy for the President of the United States. In a tough campaign by the already well-funded and very corrupt Clinton campaign machine, Obama, by virtue of the fact that “Hope and Change” promises were very popular following a dismal Bush presidency, he defeated Hillary and won the nomination. As a side note, once again, the Democrat Party benefitted greatly from the concerted effort by both the DNC and the American media to destroy the Bush presidency, driving down his numbers so profoundly as to be virtually indistinguishable from the Nixon era.

Regardless, Obama then went on to defeat RINO and very weak candidate John McCain for the presidency, after McCain refused to stand up for either himself, his VP pick, Sarah Palin, the Republican Party, or the American people. The press was vicious and brutally painted him as a Narcissistic warmonger (rightly so). In the end, Obama became the first African American president and thus began the most corrupt presidency in our history.

A list of the top 100 scandals of Obama’s first term in office is here (courtesy of Grabien):

1. Possibly selling his Senate seat to the highest bidder with then Governor Rod Blagojevich

2. Treasury Department Secretary Tim Geithner was a tax cheat

3. Endorsed Solyndra and less than a year later, the company which had received billions of taxpayer dollars, laid off its entire workforce and went into bankruptcy

4. Quadrupled the federal deficit in only one year

5. Launched investigations in Bush officials and waterboarding “tortures” which led to hundreds or perhaps thousands of lives being saved

6. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security named conservatives as “potential anti-American terrorists”

7. Obama forced out the CEO of General Motors and disallowed pensioners from suing the US government over the federal takeover of a portion of the auto industry

8. Obamacare was hated even more than Hillarycare

9. Cash for clunkers to combat climate change

10. Obama negotiated the START Treaty with Russia to destroy nuclear stockpiles that Russia was already going to destroy, leaving Russia with a 10-1 nuclear warhead advantage

11. AmeriCorp’s Inspector General finds that Obama ally in Sacramento is corrupt, so Obama fires the IG

12. Obama’s Car Czar shuts down thousands of car dealerships

13. Obama says that Boston police department “acted stupidly” in the case of his buddy, a professor who refused to answer questions following a neighbor’s 911 call, despite saying he knew nothing of the case details

14. Obama's DOJ threatened Oklahoma not to pass a law-making English the state's official language

15. Despite promising Obamacare hearings would be televised, CSPAN was denied access during final meetings

16. Obamacare violates the First Amendment (which protects religious liberty)

17. Fast & Furious: Obama's ATF, in tandem with the DOJ, arranged for thousands of heavy assault rifles to make their way into the hands of Mexican narco-warlords, setting the stage for a mass slaughter of Mexicans (more than 300 to date)

18. Obama used an executive order to reinsert an "end of life" provision of Obamacare that was so unpopular it had to be stripped for the bill to pass

19. HUD-funded housing projects wasted money on belly dancers, sex offenders, and dead residents

20. After Obama's EPA enacted new rules on greenhouse gases, political ally General Electric received an exemption

21. Under Obama, regulations soared to more than 1,500/year (by contrast Congress averages 200 laws/year)

22. Range Fuels, which received $80 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

23. Stirling Energy Systems, which received $7 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

24. In order to woo Russia to engage in the START talks, Obama first ended America's missile defense alliances with Poland and the Czech Republic

25. Cree Inc., an LED lightbulb maker that received $5.2 million in stimulus funds, created ... 3.02 jobs

26. The Obama Administration fired the ATF whistleblower who exposed the Fast and Furious scandal

27. Green Vehicles Inc., which received $700,000 in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

28. Obama sold Obamacare promising Americans could keep their current doctors; that quickly proved untrue

29. Evergreen Solar, which received $24 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

30. A $20 million stimulus project for Seattle was supposed to create 2,000 jobs. Actual result? 14

31. SpectraWatt, which received $500,000 in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

32. Olsen's Crop Service, which received $10 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

33. Nevada Geothermal Power, which received $145 million in stimulus, went bankrupt

34. National Renewable Energy Lab, a non-profit that received $200 million in stimulus failed, soon thereafter laid off 10 percent of its workforce

35. Just as the Dept. of Energy's loan program was set to expire, SunPower received a $1.2 billion loan, which provided the politically connected insiders to cash out

36. Mountain Plaza Inc., which received almost half a million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

37. Raser Technologies, which received $33 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

38. Obama's DOJ removed all references of Islam from terrorist training manuals

39. Obama's Dept. of Energy gave a $527 million loan to Al Gore connected Fisker Automotive -- which used the funds to create jobs ... in Finland

40. Obama's Dept. of Energy invested almost half a billion in the Al Gore connected Silver Spring Networks, a smart grid contractor that's since laid off much of its workforce

41. Beacon Power, which received $43 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

42. A123 Systems, which received stimulus funds as well as a personal Obama visit, failed

43. After the "Fast and Furious" project was exposed, Obama's DOJ attempted a cover up. More than 1,000 guns from Obama's "Fast and Furious" program remain lost

44. Obama's DOJ sued Arizona for trying to enforce existing immigration law

45. Obama's DOJ sued Alabama for trying to enforce existing immigration law

46. Despite swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution, Obama frequently flouted its limitations, as seen -- take one example -- with his decision to name commissioners to positions that require Senate approval ... without Senate approval

47. After Congress rejected his attempt to have the feds regulate the Internet, the FEC announced on Christmas Eve that it would do so anyway (despite a court order specifically stating it lacked the authority)

48. Willard & Kelsey Solar Group, which received $6 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

49. Energy Conversion Devices, which received $13.3 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

50. Unisolar, which received $100 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

51. He threatened Israel not to protect itself against Iran's nuclear threat

52. Sapphire Energy, which received $100 million in stimulus funds, created ... 36 jobs

53. Abound Solar, which received stimulus funds and a shout-out from Obama, went bankrupt

54. Obamacare makes more than half of the American population dependent on government through its expansion of Medicaid and subsidies

55. Obamacare creates a new marriage penalty (as two individuals receive higher subsidies than a married couple)

56. Azure Dynamics, which received $120 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

57. Ener1, which received $118.5 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

58. Solar Trust, which was offered $2.1 billion in stimulus funds, went bankrupt before it could accept them

59. BrightSource Energy, which received $1.6 billion in stimulus funds, canceled its IPO and all U.S. related projects

60. Obama's White House quietly inserted him into existing biographies of past presidents

61. Obama's Dept. of Energy granted Reliant Energy, a $1.237 billion loan; the company's run by the husband of an Obama bundler

62. First Solar, a politically connected company that received more than $3 billion in stimulus funds, soon thereafter laid off 30 percent of its workforce (as well as sold solar panels to itself)

63. Obamacare funds were used to give business to Obama's senior adviser, David Axelrod

64. Despite it being illegal thanks to just-enacted legislation, Obama nonetheless channeled almost half a billion to ACORN

65. $9 billion in stimulus funds for clean energy projects ended up creating just 910 jobs ($9.8 million per job)

66. Genesis Poly, which received $500,000 in stimulus funds, went bankrupt – twice

67. Thompson River Power, which received $5 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

68. Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot donated to a group supporting Romney; after Obama's campaign website attacked him personally, the IRS audited him, and the Department of Labor likewise audited his company

69. Obama's State Dept. cleared the way for exporting sensitive military technology to China

70. A federal court found Obama political appointees at the DOJ helped end a case against two black panthers -- which it had effectively already won

71. Despite regularly mocking the Tea Party, Obama's White House ordered the GSA to "stand down" in the face of Occupy Wall St. protesters in Portland

72. The Social Security Administration bought 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, explaining they were needed for its 295 "special agents"

73. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) bought 46,000 rounds of ammo, which it said were necessary for its 63 "enforcement personnel"

74. Obama's DOL used stimulus funds to run ads during Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow's MSNBC shows. (No jobs were created)

75. The day after the Benghazi attack, Obama promised swift justice for the perpetrators. However, it would be more than a year before anyone was captured

76. Greenvolts, which received $500 in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

77. The EPA honored Hispanic Heritage Month with a poster of Che Guevara "and a bit of plagiarism."

78. The Obama Admin. paid Hollywood to promote Obamacare in TV shows

79. Obama's coal regulations led to Alpha Natural Resources to cut 1,200 jobs and close 8 mines

80. Obama's White House staff was also caught up in the Colombia prostitution scandal

81. Despite regularly promising the stimulus spending would be completely transparent, its website,, was completely opaque. (Today it doesn't even exist)

82. The Obama Administration created a program to give free phones to (primarily) people already receiving government assistance; the lucrative contract went to a wireless company owned by an Obama donor

83. Australian company Babcock & Brown, which received $178 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

84. Armonix, which received $6 million in stimulus funds, is faltering

85. Satcon Technology Corp., which was granted $6 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

86. Nordic Wind Power, which received $16 million in stimulus funds, went bankrupt

87. Korean owned Compact Power received $150 million in stimulus funds and a visit from Obama; it soon thereafter began furloughing workers before having produced a single battery (it's workers reportedly spend their days playing cards)

88. The CIA informed Obama within 24 hours of the Benghazi attack it had found terror links, but Obama nonetheless kept blaming an unrelated YouTube video for weeks

89. Obama's vice president's brother received plum government contracts through the program run by the vice president himself

90. When Obama's secretary of State met the father of one of the SEALs slain at Benghazi, she vowed to prosecute an American filmmaker who played no role in the attack

91. Obama's vice president's words of consolation to the father of a Navy SEAL killed during Benghazi: "Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?"

92. Flew Air Force One to Chicago -- just to vote for himself (rather than using a mail-in ballot)

93. Flew Air Force One to a campaign office in Orlando ... to deliver pizza

94. At one point there were more than 1,000 investigations into stimulus project wrongdoing

95. Obama's State Department was sued by 24 Americans living in Israel over funding Palestinian terror groups

96. To avoid federal laws governing electronic record keeping, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used "alias" email accounts

97. The USA used $22,000 in taxpayer funds to commission a painting of the department secretary, Tom Vilsack

98. The number of Americans on food stamps outnumbers the population of 24 states combined

99. To this day families of the victims at Benghazi say the Obama Administration has still not given them a rundown on what happened

100. An illegal immigrant/sex offender/intern for Sen. Bob Menendez, was to be arrested, but at the DHS's instructions, it was delayed until after Menendez was safely re-elected

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